Adding Salt To Coffee – Why You Should Put Salt In Coffee!

We are used to adding milk or creamer or any other additive that can our cup of joe better to taste. Adding salt to coffee is a neat little trick that most of us don’t use. Adding a pinch of salt to your cup of coffee brings a ton of benefits.

Why would you put salt in coffee? Adding coffee to salt is a great way to enhance the flavor of your drink. It can reduce the bitterness and can help you eliminate the effects of stale water. Salt also makes consuming black coffee a more delightful experience. You can also regain your sodium levels when adding salt to your coffee.

Benefits Of Putting Salt In Coffee

Is salt in coffee good for you? What are the benefits of doing so?

We will answer those and more in this section.

Fight Bitterness in Coffee

There are many studies like this study here that show that sodium is capable of reducing bitterness.

The science here is pretty simple.

Our taste buds are capable of feeling the following tastes.

  • Sweetness
  • Sourness
  • Salt
  • Bitterness
  • Umami

The way the tongue treats bitterness is a bit different from all the other tastes. 

You feel bitterness when your tongue comes into contact with a bitter item, and the taste buds release a calcium ion. This ion sends a bitter signal to your brain.

When sodium comes into the picture, it does a pretty good job in masking that bitter flavor. To be more specific, salt masks bitterness better than sugar and any other additive you can add to your cup of coffee.

Whether you are adding Kosher salt, Table salt, Himalayan salt, or Sea salt, you will see an improvement in your bitter coffee cup.

Improves Water Quality

Salt helps in improving the taste of stale water.

If your Espresso coffee maker comes with a water reservoir, then the water in your machine will stay overnight and becomes stale. The next day, when you brew your coffee, it is made from this stale water.

Some people have the habit of adding water to their coffee pots along with coffee grounds so that they’ll have a fresh cup of morning coffee. But the result is quite the opposite. 

The water that stays in your coffee pot gets stale over time. The resulting coffee is also not the best you can get.

By adding a pinch of salt to your coffee, you can beat the staleness water causes to your coffee. It is not without reason that salt is used in the softening process of water.

Handy Tip: For every 6 tablespoons of coffee grounds, add a teaspoon of kosher salt. It will make your coffee taste fresh without incorporating the staleness brought in by the stale water. Turn Bad coffee into drinkable coffee.

Great Flavor Enhancer

Not many of us are fans of food without seasoning. And by seasoning, most of us primarily use only one seasoning agent, and that’s salt.

When we add salt to our food, it just brings out the best flavor in it so that you can enjoy it to the maximum. In the same way, adding salt to your cup of coffee can also drive the same effect.

Coffee comes in a lot of flavors. Depending on the coffee you get, it can have multitudes of flavors and undertones. It depends on the type of coffee beans, type of roast, the brewing method, and other factors.

By adding a pinch of salt to your cup of joe, you can bring each and every intricate detail of your coffee’s flavor profile.

More than anything, like we’ve already mentioned, salt helps to keep the bitterness down. If you have a bitter coffee cup in your hands for any reason, adding salt to coffee can make it much better.

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, adding salt can make your coffee more flavorsome. This is even more true when you have an exotic coffee bean that is ready for brewing.

Combats Acid Reflex

Sometimes, life is cruel. You might fall in love with coffee, but drinking it black might give your a bad case of heartburn or acid reflux.

You may have chosen to give up on coffee for this reason, but wait, we can help you fight that acid reflux.

Try adding a pinch of salt to your cup of coffee, and you might be able to fight acid reflux. You can do better by adding salt to your coffee grounds before the brewing process.

Add one teaspoon of salt to six tablespoons of coffee grounds to reduce acid reflux and heartburn problems. Sometimes, the bitter taste of the coffee can make you feel like you’re having acid reflux. Adding salt to coffee can help with the bitter taste as well.

Regain Your Sodium Levels

If you are a regular coffee drinker, then the caffeine content you’ve consumed so far will have brought down the sodium levels in your body. Though it hasn’t affected you healthwise, it is necessary for your to keep your sodium levels intact.

Adding kosher salt (or any salt) to your coffee can help you get some of that sodium back. 

Now, this is fine if you’re a healthy, normal adult who doesn’t have any issues. In this case, this push of outside sodium won’t be an issue in any way.

But if you are under a diet that reduces sodium input on purpose, then it is irresponsible to add salt to your coffee without consulting your physician. When in doubt, we recommend not to add salt as it can cause serious health issues.

Enrich Your Antioxidants Input

Salt in coffee

Coffee is a great source of antioxidants. It comes with Chlorogenic acid lactones and Phenylindanes. While the quantity of these two antioxidants can differ based on the roast and the type of beans, there is a good amount on average.

The bitter taste of coffee can prevent people from getting these antioxidants. The darker the roast, the more antioxidants you can get, but the coffee also grows bitter.

To bring the bitter taste down, you can add several additives. But adding a pinch of salt is a great way to get these antioxidants without adding calories and tasting a cup of joe without bitterness. 

Cut Down Calories

Black coffee is the best way to drink your coffee. It is the healthiest version of coffee and there are so many health benefits you can get from it.

But it is not everyone’s cup of tea and you can add additives to sweeten your coffee. While getting used to black coffee without sugar is awesome, there is also a risk of adding more calories to your coffee.

People usually pick a creamer or add milk when they have to tone down the taste of black coffee. But adding these additives increase the caloric value of coffee and might not be a good option for those who are looking to lose calories (and lose weight).

Adding salt to your black coffee can improve the taste significantly and reduce its bitterness. Unless you are looking for a thick caffeine beverage, for which creamer or milk is a must, this trick will work for you.

It’s Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Whenever we come across a trick, it is something that will be in the trend for a few months and after that, no one will remember such a thing ever existed.

The idea of putting salt in coffee is not like that. In countries like Turkey, Siberia, Hungary, and even in Scandinavian countries, people have been using salt in their coffee for a long time. We are talking hundreds of years.

People from coastal regions use local water to make their coffee. Note that even though the water doesn’t have the same salt content as seawater, it still comes with more salt than freshwater.

So don’t think of adding salt to coffee as a trend. It isn’t one, and you will benefit much from doing so. If you feel like your coffee has lost its flavor, try adding a pinch, and you can salvage it in most scenarios.

Does Coffee Have Salt in it?

Regular coffee comes with a very little amount of sodium. Adding salt can help add more sodium to your drink helping you to increase the sodium levels in your body. But if you’re on a low-sodium diet, regular coffee might be the right choice.

If you take a cup of regular coffee (6 fl oz), it comes with 4 mg of sodium. When you take a cup of coffee with cream (6 fl oz), it comes with 12 mg of sodium.

Coffee with milk comes with only 6 mg of sodium whereas a coffee with sugar alone comes with 4 mg of sodium.

When you buy coffee from companies like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, you have a lot of sodium (upwards of 30 mg) when compared to homemade coffee or good old black coffee. 

If you must not take a lot of sodium in your diet, then you should avoid coffee from Starbucks or similar places at any cost as it comes with a boatload of sodium in them.

Should You Add Salt To Coffee?

Can you add salt to coffee? Should you add salt to coffee? What good is salted coffee?

If you’re still asking these questions, then here is the answer.

Yes, you can add salt to your cup of coffee. Be it kosher salt, rock salt, sea salt, or any other salt, you can add it to your coffee as it can improve the overall flavor of your beverage. It also makes drinking black coffee is a pleasant experience.

Now, should you add salt to your caffeinated drink?

Well, it depends.

It is not a must to add salt to your coffee, but when you do, it helps elevate the overall flavor profile and helps to bring down the bitterness making it more pleasing to drink.

If you want to add a new dimension to your cup of coffee, then adding salting during the brewing process or to the brewed drink to highly recommended.

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How To Add Salt To Coffee?

There is no one way of doing this right.

Adding salt to your coffee can be done in a lot of ways. Since there are a lot of salt varieties you can use, and a lot of coffee varieties you can try, there is no one method for all.

Alton Brown sort of threw a spotlight on this salt and coffee thing when he mentioned the same during one of his cook show episodes. Ever since the cookbook author has been referenced when it comes to putting salt to your coffee.

Though it is a good place to start, the right method is different for each one of us. 

You can add a teaspoon of salt to 6 tablespoons of coffee grounds during the brewing process itself. Salt will infuse with coffee grounds and the resulting coffee is not bitter and comes with all the advantages mentioned above.

This method is great if you don’t want to mess with your coffee later.

But if you want to add things as you go, you can add a pinch (or half) of salt to your coffee once it has been brewed. You can adjust the amount of salt (and also the type) to get the best flavor you need.

Adding Salt To Coffee – Wrap Up

When you add a small amount of salt to your cup of brewed coffee or instant coffee, you make it a much better beverage in terms of flavor. 

Drinking coffee with salt not only gives your taste buds a treat but also brings several health benefits that make it worth it.

Unless you’re on a low-sodium diet, the downsides of adding salt to your cup of joe aren’t much. So go on and tell us how the coffee lover in your enjoyed coffee that’s seasoned with salt.

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