21 Best Seattle Coffee Roasters [The Best Beans, Ever]

Seattle is a city with a unique culture and history that set it apart from the Mid West and other Western cities in the US. We all know of its tech industry and big business, but you may not know that Seattle has quite the reputation when it comes to coffee and cafes.

Every city has its own coffee culture, and that of Seattle is unique. Over the last few years, a significant number of roasteries have been established in the area. Funny enough, these roasteries not only dominate Seattle, but they have also found their way to other parts of the country.

Seattle residents love to enjoy coffee of diverse chases and notes, and the good news is that there are so many brands offering buyers varieties of tastes. In this article, we take our time to review 21 of the best Seattle coffee roasters. Some of the roasteries on our list have been in existence for quite some time, but new ones are springing up everywhere around Seattle. 

So take your time to read our roundup, and maybe you might find one roastery whose products you have tasted before. 

Here we go.

Broadsheet Coffee

Broadsheet coffee is a Roastery that has been active in Seattle for more than a decade and counting. This community roaster is located in two different places, namely, Central District and Roosevelt.

Broadsheet is a fantastic roastery that offers buyers premium roasted coffee of different shades. With a thriving partnership with Temple Pastries, this roastery has done well and continues to serve the community well.

Their bright Colombian Tunja medium light roast is a favorite of many in Seattle. When mixed with Castillo coffee, you get one of the best double origin blends ever brewed. You can order Broadsheet roasted coffee online or at local shops and cafes. They also offer subscriptions at different rates.

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Dorothea Coffee

Dorothea Coffee was founded by Connor Mahoney, who was formerly a coffee roaster at Zoka Coffee roaster. He broke away from Zoka coffee to start Dorothea Coffee at his home in Central District before moving to Georgetown. Over time, he was joined by Nanoroaster Logbrook Coffee, and the business was rebranded into what it is today.

Subsequently, they relocated to a much bigger Roastery in Mount Vernon, from where they distribute their amazing roasted full-bodied coffee to other parts of Seattle. 

They offer different blends, which expands the options customers have. For instance, their Rwandan Nyanasheke Kanzu coffee is mixed with orange peel and grape to create a uniquely excellent taste. Then they also have the rich Ernesto Perez of Veracruz, Mexico, blended with sugar, citrus, cocoa, and brown sugar. Dorothea is one of the best Seattle Coffee roasters around.

You can enjoy their coffee served hot as the Champagne Diner at Interbay and Damn The Weather Inn at Pioneer Square.

Elm Coffee

Brendan Mullaly established Elm Coffee roasters in 2013.  Brendan was formerly working with a New York business called Joe Pro coffee shop with an expanded menu of coffee blends.

Drawing from his experience working at Joe Pro, he came up with his own set of coffee varieties. Elm is a great place to taste different coffee notes, and their café is always packed with buyers and diners. 

One of Elm’s famous roasts is the classic Colombian coffee roasted by Vanessa Quintero. This coffee is mixed with honeydew and stone fruit. Then there is the Gogogu Bekaka from the Fuji Region of Ethiopia. You will be spoilt for choice with so many different varieties to choose from. 

You can order any of Elm’s offerings from their local delivery shop called Tammy or directly from the roastery.

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Hello Em

Another very good Seattle Coffee roaster to make our list has a similar name to the one we just reviewed above, and that is Hello Em.

Hello Em is one business that roasts the coffee they sell to customers. This roaster is a Vietnamese coffee shop that opened in Little Saigon not too long ago.

It started by selling whole coffee beans roasted in-house. And ever since they started operations, Hello Em has expanded its market share in Seattle

Hello Em uses mainly Robusta coffee bean with a mixture of caffeine, and sometimes they roast Arabica coffee beans room.

This business is one of the few Vietnamese businesses to roast its own coffee in the area, so it has developed quite a reputation among the locals.

You can order any of Elm’s single or double origin roasted coffee beans from Ethiopia, Vietnam, Oaxaca, and many other coffee-growing regions. You can order Em coffee directly from the shop at 1227 Weller Street.

Kuma Coffee

Kuma Coffee is one of the best coffee roasters in Seattle. Owned by Peter Mark, the master roaster, this roastery operates in a sort of mystery. Kuma does not have a PR arm, neither do they publicize their business. Rather, they focus on roasting the best coffee beans and let their product speaks for itself.

Kuma coffee has one of the best roasted coffee in Seattle, and it is one of the first-ever companies in Seattle to market light roasted coffee.

Starting from his garage in Bellevue in 2008, this business has grown bigger than many would have imagined. Kuma is the recipient of two Good Food Awards and came second in the 2013 Best Espresso Competition.

They receive their coffee bean fresh from Honduras, roast in-house, and ship all over the US. You can enjoy Kuma coffee at cafes and eateries or order a pack online.

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Lighthouse Roasters

Lighthouse Roasters is one of the oldest Roasteries in Seattle. Located in Fremont, this business made its name in Seattle long before local roasteries became a thing here. They offer a wide range of coffee blends using a traditional cast iron roasting technique. In order not to ruin the quality of the beans, Lighthouse only roasts beans in small quantities daily.

They have different offerings like the Mandgeling from Sumatra and the Yirgacheffe. You can order Lighthouse coffee in bags from your local grocery or buy one online.

Looking Homeward

Looking Homeward is a popular brand in the city operating from Madrona. They offer three coffee varieties, namely Light drip coffee, Dark roast, and Espresso.

The level of quality control they maintain makes their coffee one of the most sought-after brands around. The master roaster of Looking Homeward, Jake Deome, partners with local cafes to teach them how to brew great coffee using proven techniques. 

Looking Homeward offers instant coffee among its other offerings.  Their products are available for sale at Union Coffee shop located in Central District or other local cafes and stores.

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Onda Origin

Onda Origin is relatively young compared to other roasteries in the area as it is just five years old, but what a difference they have made within such a short time.

Located in Hillman city, Scott Tupper roasts and sells his coffee in bags and single-serving packets. They also provide locals and businesses with handy brewing techniques to help them get the best results.

Their Guateo roast is great, and so is their Costa Rican coffee, which won a specialty Cup of Excellence Award. You can order Onda coffee at Rained Avenue or online.


Avole is partly owned by co-founder, Solomon Dubie and it is regarded as one of the best Seattle Coffee roasters of Ethiopian origin coffee.

Their Yirgacheffe coffee is mixed in berry notes and chocolate, which gives it an amazing taste. Avole sources its coffee from Ethiopia and uses roasters specially imported from the same country.

Till date, it is regarded as a master roaster of Ethiopian coffee. They use an attractive bag to pack their coffee, and you can pick up as many bags as you want at the African Lounge or order online.

Blossom Coffee Roasters

Blossom Coffee has witnessed a sort of renaissance ever since its name change from Vashon Coffee Roasters. For close to two decades, this award-winning roaster has been serving customers excellent coffee on a platter.

Having been in the business for years, Blossom has been able to experiment with different flavors and coffee species. And today, they boast of some of the best taste notes ever bagged in Seattle. 

Their Incuti fruit-based coffee from Burundi is a favorite of many, and so is their Dark Side of the Moon variety that is widely served at cafes and restaurants. Their products are available at local shops in Vashon, but you can also order a bag online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Stamp Act

Stamp Act is a small batch roastery run by Chief Barista Andrew Kent. Kent is also a founder of a coffee company in Singapore, and his company majors in specialty coffee.

Stamp Act blended roasts are also as good as their single blends. Recently, the company entered into a partnership with My Bagel Bakery, which has been great for both companies.

Their Ecuadorian Sidra is quite tasty, and so is the Old School Espresso, which has a rich chocolatey taste. This variety harks back to decades-old flavors that used to characterize the local scene. There are several locations you can order a bag, such as Woodland Coffee, Squirrel Chops, and Whale Wins, to mention a few.

AnchorHead Coffee

AnchorHead Coffee is a monthly subscription-based business owned by 2 ex audio engineers. They first set out selling coldly brewed coffee to the public at the local farmer’s market in Seattle.

As time went on, they turned their focus to brewing fresh coffee using the pour-over method.  Today, AnchorHead operates different shops at Bellevue, Issaquah, and other cities and communities in Seattle.

One popular AnchorHead offering is the Narwhal Blend and the El Cedral Natural of Costa Rica. Their rich notes make their coffee highly sought after. The starting price for a bag is $15 and above.

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Boon Boona Coffee

Boon Boona Coffee is another subscription-based coffee roaster in Seattle. This company has the distinction of being one of the few black-owned coffee shops in Seattle.

Boon Boona sources its coffee from Africa, and they sell roasted and unroasted beans to customers and businesses. Boon Boona roasts their coffee using the traditional African method using a special type of Clay pot called Jebena.

The flavor of their coffee notes is worth experiencing for its rich texture and flavor. It has a slight butter taste that is coated with caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate.

Seattle Coffee Works

Seattle Coffee Works is not just a local roastery but a coffee co for relaxation and fun. Located at several points in Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, and Ballard, these spots are nice places to mix with the locals while enjoying steaming cups of perfectly brewed coffee. Seattle Coffee Works has established a strong network with local coffee farmers around the world, especially in Guatemala.

They roast the beans they market, and each bag is laced with citrus fruits to give it a distinct taste. One of their top-selling variety is the Seattle Sunrise, sold at $15 a bag. This blend is light with a mildly acidic taste. You can order any of Seattle Coffee Works products online or visit any of their outlets.

QED Coffee 

QED is a micro-roastery located at 1418 Avenue Street, My Baker. This Downtown roastery utilizes what they call mathematical proofs to roast the coffee they sell. They approach coffee roasting from a scientific standpoint, and the result is roasted coffee beans with just the right notes and flavor.

Their coffee is damn good, and they are packaged in attractive packs. You can order their famous La Martinez Colombian coffee online starting at $17 a pack.

Caffe Vita

Caffe Vita is one of the oldest and most famous coffee roast brands around. The roastery first started operations in Lower Queen Anne park way back in 1995, and it has spread to 13 locations across the country.

You will find Caffee Vita coffee in places like New York City, Los Angeles, and Portland. To date, it remains one of Seattle’s biggest roastery, and it still remains a privately owned business. 

Caffee Vita has been able to remain competitive for two reasons. Firstly, it works closely with farmers and growers and ensures they earn good returns for their effort. Secondly, the quality of their product speaks for itself. Their Theo Blend is very popular among shoppers, which is roasted alongside high-quality chocolate.

You can buy a pack online or at local grocery shops. The starting price is $17 a bag. You can also subscribe for monthly delivery.

Zoka Coffee

Zoka Coffee runs several outlets in Seattle. They have several locations in University District, Kirkhead, Green Lake, and South Lake Union. Their coffee is quite good, and they serve the local community well. You can order Zoka Coffee online or from any of their various outlets. They also sell freshly brewed coffee. 

Their Tangletown specialty coffee sold for $16 a bag is nice. It has a smooth texture and a slightly sour taste. Diners can also order black coffee served without milk.

Fulcrum Coffee

Located in Belltown, Fulcrum is relatively new to the scenes and is a conglomeration of two roasteries (Urban City and Silver Cup). The uniqueness of their roastery program has been safeguarded and passed down from one generation to the next. The fifth-generation Roastery program has enriched the lives of the owners and the local community.

Today, many coffee shops serve Fulcrum coffee and the partnership with local businesses and farmers has been beneficial for all the parties involved. There are different flavor notes you can order from single to double origin coffee beans.  The price of a bag starts from $14.

Pilgrim Coffee Roasters

Pilgrim Coffee Roaster is not like your conventional coffee roaster in Seattle but a roadside mobile food truck. Set up by a group of friends who share the same love for roasted coffee, this crowd-funded business has become a successful enterprise. And suffice to say to that the business has amazed quite a following

Pilgrim markets its coffee roasts directly to consumers, and one of their popular offerings is the games Cajamarca beans from Peru. Their coffee is smooth and creamy with exotic fruity notes that will excite your taste buds.  You can order a bag for $18.

True North Coffee

True North Coffee is located in Ballard, close to some of the city’s best breweries. They don’t have a café, but they sell their roasted coffee beans via a shipping service. Buyers can order their products online or buy from grocery retailers.

The roastery was opened by two software developers and their Stacyas Blend is one of the best in the region. Also, their product is priced low, starting at $9. True North sources coffee beans from Indonesia and Guatemala. To give their coffee a unique note, they spice them up with chocolate and citrus. This business only does retail and wholesale marketing.

Conduit Company

Last but not least, on our review of the best coffee roaster brands from Seattle is Conduit. This small roastery and café are owned by a group of like-minded coffee lovers who roast the beans they brew and sell.  They distribute the bagged coffee beans using bikers and this strategy has proved to be quite a hit in the local community.

Their $14 Westlake Avenue is great. This medium light roast is perfectly roasted and mixed with marzipan and their secret recipe. They also have tasting offerings opened to the public on set days.

These are some of the best Seattle coffee roasters we can vouch for. Did any other roaster fail to make our list?

Let us know about a few of them by leaving a comment. Also, kindly let us know what you think about our list and if you have tasted any of the brands we reviewed.

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