Can You Add Vanilla Extract To Coffee?

Coffee is the beverage of choice for millions of people all over the world.

To make our coffee rich and tasty, we add a lot of stuff to it. Be it sugar or creamer, it can significantly increase the calories in your cuppa joe.

When looking for alternatives, one of the questions we hear often is, can you add vanilla extract to your coffee?

Of course, you can. Vanilla extract is an excellent alternative to sugar, honey, and other creamers. Adding vanilla extract to coffee can help you shed a lot of calories from your cup of coffee and bring an exquisite flavor profile to your coffee. It could also make your coffee more bitter so using it alongside a low-calorie sweetener is suggested.

What Happens When You Put Vanilla Extract in Coffee?

Adding vanilla extract to your coffee will bring a fresh aroma and flavor to your coffee. If you’re a fan of black coffee, then adding a drop or two of the extract can make things a lot better for you.

If you’re going to add milk or other creamers (those made from almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk), then you might want to watch how much extract you’re adding as it can turn your coffee quite bitter. Vanilla itself is quite bitter when it comes to taste and adding a lot of it can spoil your palate for good.

How Do You Add Vanilla to Coffee?

Adding vanilla extract is as simple as it can get.

Once you’ve made your coffee, all you have to do is add a drop or two of your favorite brand or even your homemade vanilla extract and you’re good to go.

If you’re going to do this to a batch of coffee, then you can proportionately add more extract to match the flavor you’re going for. Be sure to not overdo it as it can turn your cup of coffee quite bitter.

Do remember that vanilla syrup and extract aren’t the same. So if you want to add vanilla syrup, the process might be slightly (or more) different depending on what you want.

Whether you’re going to try this on a hot cup of cold brew or iced coffee (served best with ice cubes), we’re sure that you’d appreciate the change the pure vanilla extract brings.

Is It OK to Add Vanilla Extract to Coffee?

Yes, it is perfectly fine.

The extract is made from the vanilla bean which is often used for its bold flavors.

If you’re not ok with the idea of using the extract, you can try adding a bit of the bean itself for a different aroma and taste. You can also try vanilla essence and vanilla syrup with sweeteners as they can make your beverage quite flavorful.

Can You Add Vanilla Extract to Coffee Creamer?

Yes, you can.

All you have to do is pick your choice of coffee creamer (almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, or even condensed milk) add homemade vanilla extract or over the counter choice, add some vanilla pods (to your preference) and whisk them till you’re sure that the vanilla flavor as infused with the creamer.

Once it is done, you should be able to use this homemade coffee creamer for at least 5 to 8 days without any problem. Adding this will give your a nice cup of flavored coffee that is sure to give your a breeze of freshness.

Can You Add Vanilla Extract to Coffee – Wrap Up

Just like how your coffee bean affects the taste of your coffee, the type of extract you use can also play a vital role in the final taste. Whether you’re using a simple syrup or a french vanilla one, you will get a different stroke of vanilla coffee.

You can also try different variants like the vanilla latte, vanilla iced coffee, and other variants as well.

To complement vanilla’s flavor, you could also try adding other ingredients like cinnamon and other flavor boosters.

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