Can You Freeze Coffee Beans? (Yes, But Should You?)

As a coffee lover, you want to have the perfect brew every time. Bringing home your choice of coffee beans is one way to ensure that. But when you buy your roasted coffee beans, you can’t resist this storage-related question.

Can you freeze coffee beans? Yes, you can freeze coffee beans by putting them in an airtight jar or a ziplock bag. Freezing your coffee beans this way will prevent coffee beans from coming into contact with moisture that can destroy all the flavor. You will also extend your coffee bean’s life longer by storing them in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Whole Coffee Beans?

As we said above, you can freeze your whole coffee beans without any issues when done right. Freezing your coffee beans can help in retaining the freshness of your coffee for longer periods.

The rest of this article touches on some pressing issues regarding this topic. 

Should You Freeze Coffee Beans? Is Freezing Coffee Beans a Good Idea?

Initially, people were okay with the idea that you can freeze your coffee beans (a few revolted even then). Then the view changed when specialty coffee came into the picture. Now all of the sudden, people are once again fine with the idea of freezing coffee beans.

So what’s going on.

Is freezing coffee beans a good idea or should you drop it altogether?

Freezing your coffee beans the right way can help preserve the life of your coffee beans. But if you make a mistake in the process, then you will end up with bad, lifeless coffee.

Having said that, there are a couple of scenarios where you should freeze your coffee beans. 

You have a lot of roasted coffee on your hands. You can’t possibly use all of these coffee beans in a short time. So it is best to use some of it and store the rest carefully for later use.

This is when freezing your extra coffee beans come in. You can carefully freeze the roasted beans and preserve their life for later use. 

You’ve got yourself some fancy (read expensive) coffee.  We usually have a coffee that is per our taste. Sometimes, want to break the pattern and get something fancy. When you do that, you might want to relish it and not use it in one go.

In this case, freezing your fancy coffee beans can be handy. You can store coffee for later, and open it up for another occasion that deserves rich, expensive ground coffee brew.

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What Happens When You Freeze Coffee Beans?

When you freeze your coffee beans of choice, you will preserve their freshness a lot longer.

Freezing your beans in an airtight container or ziplock prevents them from coming in contact with air or humidity. Both air and humidity are capable of removing all the flavor from your coffee resulting in a bland extract.

Your freezer also shields your coffee from the light which is another problem factor. Freezers are dark and there is no need to worry about the issues created by light acting on your coffee.

When you store your beans in the freezer (in the proper way), you can arrest the coffee freshness for as long as 6 months depending on the type of coffee beans you store.

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Does Freezing Coffee Beans Change its Flavor?

Does freezing roasted coffee beans keep it fresh? Or does it change its flavor?

Freezing your coffee beans, when done right, is a great way to keep them fresh. The freezer will not change the flavor of your coffee in any way.

When you compare the taste of coffee that was frozen and the taste of coffee that has gone through partial (or full) oxidation, you will find that the frozen coffee bean provides you with superior coffee. The oxidated coffee will be bland and would have lost most flavor.

The only way freezing can impact the flavor of coffee is when the ziplock or the container you use has its own smell or flavor. You will only find this if you’re nitpicking. Otherwise, you will be good.

You also won’t notice a thing if you add cream or sugar (or both) to your coffee. You can get used to coffee without sugar though, just saying.

How Long Do Coffee Beans Last in the Freezer?

The freshness of the coffee bean depends mostly on the type of the bean. Most experts say storing your coffee beans in the freezer for about 3 to 6 months can help get the best flavor out of your beans.

We don’t recommend storing coffee beans that long unless you’re in a commercial outlet. 

For personal use, you can store coffee beans in the freezer as a small batch that would give you 3 to 6 days of coffee. So every 3 to 6 days, you’ll have to open a new batch, and this will get you the best flavor and freshness out of your coffee beans.

If you’re going out of town or if you have to hold some fancy coffee longer, then you can store them for a longer period. But be sure to not keep it in the freezer for more than 3 months to get the peak freshness from your coffee.

How To Freeze Coffee Beans?

We’ve mentioned a few times in this post that freezing your coffee bean is a good idea only when done right.

So how do you do it right? Here’s how.

Step 1: Get an Airtight Container

You have to find something that is completely airtight.

Zipper bags work great. If you can vacuum seal them, even better. You can also use an airtight mason jar. It can help store more coffee (if that’s what you want) and will take up less space.

Though you can use your original coffee bag with a workaround, we usually don’t recommend them because of the degassing valve.

Step 2: Store Your Beans In Small Batches

If you have a lot of coffee on your hands, then splitting them into small batches would be the smart thing to do. This way, you can open each batch up, consume it, and then move on to the next one.

This ensures that you can preserve the life of your coffee beans for a lot longer.

A general rule of thumb is to make sure each batch contains coffee that is enough for about 3 to 5 days. You can get fresh coffee out of each batch and as time passes, it won’t taste as bad.

Step 3: Rocket Science a.k.a. Store Your Beans in the Freezer

Store your ziplocked coffee beans in the freezer. 

This is the best way to store your coffee beans in the freezer. You can freeze them and extend the life.

Important: When you’re to use a batch of frozen beans. Do not take a ziplock bag and open it immediately. You have to let the coffee beans thaw to room temperature. Failing to do so will spoil the batch and you’ll have to sip (or chug) on dull coffee.

How Not To Freeze Coffee Beans?

Right, now you know how to store your whole coffee beans in the freezer.

It’s time to learn something about the dark side.

The reason why people generally advocated not to store coffee beans in the freezer is because of the way people did it. And boy, they did it so wrong.

Back then, you might put all your coffee beans in a pot. Close it with a lid that isn’t airtight and slide it into the freezer. This is a surefire way to kill everything good about that coffee.

Let’s discuss why.

Oxygen is not a friend when it comes to coffee. When you don’t tightly seal your coffee container, get what’s gonna enter it. So there will be a natural loss of flavor if you don’t tightly close your coffee.

Next, humidity is a no-go when it comes to coffee storage. Coffee beans are meant to be used dry and any humidity will be absorbed by the beans and will tarnish the ground coffee’s flavor.

The freezer has only cold humidity to offer, and bad storage practices will kill your coffee in the most gentle way there is. Your coffee beans will also absorb the other flavors of other items that are there in the freezer if not closed tightly.

Even if you did everything right, opening the coffee bean bag right after taking it out of the freezer is a huge mistake. Hot air will rush into the bag and all the above things we said will happen to your coffee.

Can You Freeze Coffee Beans? – Wrap Up

Freezing your coffee beans is a fantastic way to preserve the freshness and get that rich flavor even after months. The catch here is that you should do it the right way. Even one misstep can spoil every effort, and result in a poor, lifeless ground coffee brew.

That’s all we have for this post.

We hope we answered all your burning questions regarding this topic. If you have any questions, do get in touch with ur.

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