Can You Steep Your Coffee Like Tea?

Ever wondered whether you can make your cup of coffee just like how you make your tea? Coffee lovers all over the world won’t recommend doing anything resembling that. But, it is possible.

So, Can you steep your coffee like tea? Yes, You can. You can fill your coffee in a bag, just like a tea bag, and put it in hot water at the right temperature for about 4 to 5 minutes. You can also make use of a tea bag or infuser but make sure they don’t let the coffee grounds come out. 

Can You Steep Coffee Like Tea?

Like we said above, Yes, you can steep your coffee like tea.

If you’re someone who manually makes your cup of coffee, you would brew your coffee by using freshly ground coffee beans and your favorite brewing method. You might even use an espresso machine or a simple French Press or even a Moka pot.

But if you’re in a hurry and would like a dash of coffee in your morning routine, you can’t a lot of time with the manual process.

There is always instant coffee, but not a lot of people like it for the way it tastes. You can also confidently say that instant coffee isn’t the freshest coffee out there.

If you don’t want to use instant coffee and also do not want to invest in a specialized machine or gadget, then you can try steeping your coffee like loose leaf tea.

So if you’re wondering what does steep coffee mean, then this is it. It is coffee that is made from the steeping process rather than the brewing process.

All you need is a coffee bag that will not let out coffee during the steeping process, a coffee pot, hot water, and some time on your hands.

Should You Steep Coffee Like Tea?

You probably shouldn’t if you love coffee.

Coffee is an excellent beverage that is enjoyed to the fullest when it is made with the right methods. 

Steeping your coffee like tea is definitely not one of those. This method is more of a curiosity that comes from the steeping of tea. 

Fundamentally, coffee and tea are two completely different drinks. They dissolve in water in their unique way. 

Having said that, recently people have found success when trying to steep coffee. So if you’re planning to steep your coffee like tea for some reason, you can do it.

To make things a lot easier, there are now several companies that offer coffee bags. These coffee bags can be steeped just like tea which makes them a lot to use.

Who is Coffee Steeping For?

If you’re obsessed with how coffee tastes, then coffee steeping is not for you.

This coffee steeping method is mainly for those who don’t have a lot of time in their hands. This is also a good way to introduce coffee into the life of someone who doesn’t want to mess with brewing methods, espresso machines, K-cups, and other stuff.

Coffee steeping is also a good choice for those who tried instant coffee and didn’t the taste. You will get a better flavor profile by steeping fresh coffee.

How is Coffee Steeping Different From Coffee Brewing?

Coffee brewing is nothing but the process of extracting coffee from the ground coffee beans. There are many coffee brewing methods like French Press, Aeropress, Percolator, Drip Coffee, Pour Over Coffee, Espresso, and more.

Coffee Steeping like tea might not be as sophisticated as some of the methods mentioned above, but it is also a brewing method that is used to extract coffee from the ground coffee beans.

The main difference between brewing and steeping is that brewing requires the use of a specialized machine which is not required in the steeping process.

This also means that the steeping process is going to be a bit easy on your wallet. All you need are some coffee bag filers and a coffee pot to steep your coffee.

Another differentiator between the two is the time taken. 

Some coffee brewing methods can take more time while some don’t take more than 30 seconds. If you have tried cold-brewing your coffee, you’d know that it can take around 12 hours or more for the process to complete. An espresso machine, on the other hand, completes the process in just 30 seconds.

The coffee steeping process is going to take around 4 to 6 minutes depending on the final product you seek.

How To Steep Coffee? – Easy Foolproof Method

Here’s the simplest method to steep coffee just like loose leaf tea or green tea.

Make sure you have the following:

  • Coffee bag/filter (check below for recommendations)
  • The Coffee ground of your choice
  • Hot water
  • Coffee mug

How to:

  1. Heat the water in a coffee kettle up to a point where the temperature is around 200 F. Anywhere between 195 and 205 F should be fine for this process.
  2. Once the water has reached the temperature, take it off the stovetop and let it be for 30 seconds. Then pour the hot water into a coffee cup.
  3. Meanwhile, take 2 to 3 teaspoons of coffee ground and add them to your coffee bag. Close it tightly and place the bag inside the coffee mug. Ensure that it is completely submerged.
  4. The steeping process can take up to 4 to 5 minutes. As a starting point, steep your coffee for 4 minutes. If you want a stronger taste, add a minute. If you want a lighter taste, try steeping your coffee for 3 minutes.
  5. Once the steeping process is complete, you can enjoy your steeped coffee black or add something else to enhance its flavor.

In step 3, you can also freshly grind your coffee beans to make your cup as fresh as possible. But it certainly isn’t possible for many people to do that so we went on with pre-ground coffee.

If you can grind coffee beans every time, more power to you.

How Long Should Coffee Bag Steep?

One of the main advantages of steeping coffee is that you don’t have to waste a lot of time on your cup of coffee.

So how long should a coffee bag steep? Once a cup of boiling hot water is ready, you can dip your coffee bag in it for anywhere between 4 to 5 minutes. The more time you steep your coffee, the stronger it will be. You can and should adjust the steeping time to suit your taste.

It is interesting to note that 4 to 5 minutes is what you’d spend with a French press as well. 

If you don’t want a strong coffee, then you can steep your coffee for just about 30 seconds to one minute to get a light version of your coffee drink.

Does Boiling Coffee Ruin it?

Boiling your coffee grounds directly in water is not a good idea. It will ruin your coffee and will teach you a lesson that’s worth a teaspoon or two of your fresh ground coffee.

If you’re planning to steep your coffee, then it would be wise to do so in a tea infuser or a coffee bag so that your coffee grounds have a filter to protect them and they’re not in direct contact with the boiling water.

It is also better if you try steeping your coffee in boiling hot water that has been taken from the stovetop. If the water is still boiling, your coffee is going to taste a lot bitter than it should.

How Does Steeping Affect The Taste of Coffee?

One of the main reasons why coffee steeping can affect the taste of coffee is because of the freshness of the coffee.

If you’re going to steep a cup of coffee with freshly ground coffee, then it is going to taste great. 

But the thing with coffee grounds is that they can get stale a lot faster than tea, so if you’re going to use a process that is great for tea, then you will face less freshness in your cup of coffee over time.

One way to not lose any flavor in your steeped coffee is by using coffee bags that are sealed well. 

There are new players in the market like Steeped Coffee who offer single-serve coffee bags that are sealed tight. The bag retains that freshness of the ground coffee, thanks to the air-tight seal. 

One caveat here is that these single-serve coffee bags are expensive. Over time, they will add up to your add and it would have been better to have invested in a specialized machine to a French Press or even a decent coffee maker.

What Are The Best Coffee Bags?

If you’re looking for the best coffee steeping bags, we’ve got you covered.

These bags are of excellent quality and are backed up by hundreds of positive user experiences. 

Do note that these bags are not originally made for steeping coffee. They are made for french press and cold brewing, but they will also work well for steeping your coffee like tea.

Here are our top 3 bags for coffee steeping

Homhyee Cold Brew Coffee Bags

With over 1500 reviews on Amazon, this coffee bag is the go-to choice for people when it comes to making a cold brew coffee. 

These bags are single-use so you will have to throw them away. You can get either the 60 bags or the 120 bags option depending on your budget.

The Original French Press Brewing Bags

This coffee bag was originally created for French Press users but is perfect for steeping your coffee as well. 

This coffee bag is also a fine quality product that comes with very good reviews from those who’ve used it. It is slightly more expensive but is worth it.

No Mess Cold Brew Coffee Filter

This is another fine coffee bag that is great for steeping your coffee. Definitely the most expensive of the three, but the quality of top-notch.

Wrap Up

In this post, we covered everything there is about coffee steeping for a perfect cup. 

Coffee steeping is possible and can be done the same way as tea with the right set of infusers and filters. 

Keeping an eye on the steeping time will also bring the best flavor out of your fresh coffee grounds. To be safe, do not steep your coffee for more than 5 minutes.

If you’re looking for a light coffee flavor, then reduce the steeping time each try and see which brings the best flavor profile for your taste.

We’ve also given 3 proven coffee filters that can be used when steeping your coffee.

If you have any questions, let us know and we’ll get back to you soon.

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