Frappe Vs Frappuccino – The Ultimate Debate!

Are you a coffee lover who has profound knowledge of all the coffee names on the menu? Well, there may be a possibility that you are confused about the two very similar yet different types. Yes, we’re talking about the Frappe vs. Frappuccino debate.

So, what is the difference between a Frappe and a Frappuccino? Are you curious to know the details? Keep reading!

All things aside, Frappuccino is a trademark drink of Starbucks, and no other brand can sell it. On the other hand, a Frappe is a standard drink you can find in almost every coffee shop. So, there you have it!

However, that is not the only difference between the two drinks.

In this article, you will learn about the 9 differences between these two famous coffee drinks. So, buckle up as we settle this debate once and for all.

Frappe Vs Frappuccino – 9 Differences

Other than the original difference, you must know that while Frappe was born in Greece, the Starbucks Frappuccino was first made in Boston, Massachusetts.

Frappe Requires Instant Coffee While Frappuccino Uses Brewed Coffee

The recipe for a Frappe includes the use of instant coffee. If you try any other way, you will not really get the perfect taste of Frappe. Using this type of coffee will add the bitter, coffee-like taste that is the signature of a Frappe. However, that is not the case with a Frappuccino.

It is usually a blend of a milkshake and a brewed coffee (if you choose a coffee-based Frappuccino). At times it may be a mix of Espresso and milk; other times, a chilled glass of brewed coffee.

Frappe Always Contains Coffee While it Varies in Frappuccino

Though both drinks are usually coffee-based, Frappuccino can be prepared without any caffeine content. Shocking, isn’t it?

Frappuccino has a whole lot of variations when it comes to flavor. You may order a Strawberry variant or Carmel Crème, which literally has zero amount of caffeine.

On the other hand, the caffeine content in a Grande cup (16fl oz) of Espresso Frappuccino is a whopping 165mg!

The original beverage, however, always has caffeine, which may actually vary according to your preference. So, if you want a strong glass, the caffeine content may be 120-170mg per 8oz.

Alternatively, even if you prefer a dash of coffee, your frappé will contain at least 30-100mg of caffeine!

Frappe Does Not Have a Specified Recipe While Frappuccino Does

Are you a strict coffee fan who always prefers that perfect coffee shot, or do you like to experiment? If you belong to the first category, you must opt for the Starbucks version over Frappe. Why so?

Frappuccino invariably has a consistent taste, as it uses the same recipe every single time. Though you can choose your preferred flavor, it will always taste the same. More so, as it is prepared and sold by Starbucks only.

Quite the opposite of that, the recipe of frappé may vary worldwide. The ratio of ingredients used is not similar in different coffee shops.

You Can Purchase Frappuccinos from a Grocery Store

Don’t feel like going down the street to find a Starbucks shop? Well, you can hop over to a nearby grocery store to get the very authentic Frappuccino. Yes, you can see this blended coffee in sealed bottles in almost every grocery store.

The chances of purchasing a Frappe from a store, on the other hand, are relatively less. Except if you have a local brand selling their version of cold coffee (which is way different from frappe).

Frappuccino Can be of Varying Flavors

Do you like milkshakes? Well, who does not?

Still, what if you could blend your favorite milkshake with coffee? Drinking two of your go-to drinks simultaneously would be the best thing ever. Isn’t it? That is what Starbucks brings for you.

When it comes to this fancy drink, you can find a range of flavors, like Java chip frappuccino and white chocolate mocha frappuccino, customized to meet your preference. Though the basic recipe will include ice, cream, and coffee (optional), you can get your favorite syrup added to it. On the other hand, Frappes usually do not contain added flavors.

Frappe Can be Prepared Without Milk

Believe it or not, milk is just an optional topping in a Frappe. The primary recipe includes a blend of sugar, water, and instant coffee, and that is it. Now, if you like, you can top it with ice cream (most prefer vanilla), evaporated milk, or a scoop of plain cream.

So, if you want, you can skip the milk, though that is not the case in a Frappuccino. Be it with a mix of Espresso or any milkshake; Frappuccino cannot be prepared without milk.

As you already know, brewed coffee and ice are the must-haves for this drink, but the same goes for milk. Though you can choose alternatives like soy, almond, or coconut milk, one of these is necessary.

Frappuccino is a Mixture of a Milkshake and Coffee

When Frappuccino was invented, i.e., in Boston, it soon became a favorite of the crowd. Consequently, Starbucks ended up buying the recipe and patenting this drink. So, how did it really come into existence?

Though the actual recipe of the Starbucks beverage is not known (obviously), you get its original recipe here. It was made with a mix of Frappe and Cappuccino.

The catch here is that in Boston, Frappe coffee actually means a cup of milkshake with vanilla ice cream.

So technically, the Starbucks beverage is a mix of milkshake, vanilla ice cream, and cappuccino. Isn’t that interesting? Adding to your information, the Starbucks recipe is also all about Frappe and Italian cappuccino.

However, Frappe includes instant coffee, ice cubes, water, and milk or cream (optional).

Frappuccinos Requires Blended Ice

As you will see in the Frappuccino recipe given below, you need to crush or blend ice for this drink. Though it is not a hard and fast rule, you need to do it if you want authentic coffee flavor.

A frappe, on the contrary, does not really require blended ice. You can make do with ice cubes just fine!

Frappe Contains Minimal Calories (Usually)

If you are a diet freak, this is especially for you. Frappuccino has way more calories than a regular Frappe. That is because typically, a glass of Frappuccino is a blend of sugar, flavored whipped cream, multiple syrups, and milk. That is a whole lot of calories in one glass!

Even if you choose a stronger coffee-based Frappuccino, i.e., Espresso Frappuccino, it contains 150 calories in a 12fl oz glass. That too, with only 2% milk and no whipped cream at all!

Frappe is, of course, at the lower end of calories as it mostly contains water (and ice cubes or blended ice), along with coffee. You may opt for or out of sugar (added for taste) to get a stronger coffee flavor. However, adding ice cream, milk, or other such add-ons may increase the calorie content (still less than the average coffee Frappuccino).

How to Make a Frappuccino At Home?

Not up for stepping out of the house? You can prepare a perfect glass of Frappuccino right at home. Here’s how!

Frappuccino Ingredients

  • Ice
  • Milk/Steamed Milk
  • Toppings (cream, syrup, etc.)
  • Sweetener
  • Brewed Coffee

Frappuccino Recipe

Step 1: Crush the ice and blend it with strong coffee, preferred sweetener, and milk.

Step 2: Once it is completely blended to form a thick drink, pour the liquid into a glass. Add toppings such as whipped cream and flavored syrup (chocolate/strawberry/caramel, etc.).

Voila! Your Frappuccino is ready. Isn’t it easier than you thought? Enjoy the perfect glass of Frappuccino with your favorite cookies!


Here are some frequently asked questions from people when it comes to frappe and frappuccino.

What Is A Frappe?

Originally invented in Greece, a Frappe is a coffee drink made with a blend of ice, water, and instant coffee. It may or may not contain milk, sugar, whipped cream, or ice cream (mostly vanilla).

What Is In A Frappuccino?

The number of ingredients in a Frappuccino is similar to most of the other coffee drinks. It usually includes crushed ice, milk, sugar, brewed coffee, and one or more flavored syrups. Frappuccinos may significantly vary in additional flavors such as tea, latte, Espresso, chocolate, strawberry, and more.

Do Frappuccinos Have Coffee In Them?

Yes, Frappuccinos do have coffee in them. However, that does not apply to all of its types. Some Frappuccinos do not contain coffee, such as Caramel Crème (caramel frappuccino does have coffee in them), Strawberry Frappuccino, and other Frappuccino Blended drink items.

Are Frappuccinos Decaf?

Yes, a few but not all Frappuccinos are decaf or decaffeinated. You can request the Starbucks barista to prepare a Frappuccino with decaf espresso shots instead of caffeinated brewed coffee.

Are Frappuccinos Sweet?

Yes, most of the Frappuccinos are not just sweet but extra sweet. These drinks include a mix of one or more flavored syrups that add to the sweetness of the sugar used.

Is Frappe Short For Frappuccino?

No, a café frappé is not a short form of Frappuccino. In fact, both of these are separate drinks with multiple dissimilarities in taste, recipe, and more.

Is Frappuccino A Real Word?

No, Frappuccino is not a real word. It is primely a blend of Frappe (milkshake with ice cream) and Cino (cappuccino), coined by a barista in Massachusetts.

Frappe Vs Frappuccino – Coffee Fight Wrap Up

So, are Frappe and Frappuccino different? The answer is yes, and no. They have similar flavors, but the recipes of each of these drinks significantly differ.

In this post, we have talked about everything and anything a coffee drinker must know about the differences between Frappe and Frappuccino.

Now that you know the exact meaning of each of these drinks, what’s the hold? Enjoy your preferred one at your favorite coffee shop (or Starbucks), or prepare a DIY Frappuccino at home!

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