14 Sweet Coffee Drinks (Never Drink Bitter Coffee Again!)

Coffee has a bitter touch to it and not many people are fans of it. The good news is that you can have sweet coffee. No, we are not talking about loading your coffee with sugar but bringing a natural sweetness to its taste. Let’s get on with the most important question. 

What is the sweetest coffee drink? A Mocha is the sweetest coffee you can get without explicitly adding too much sugar. The chocolate syrup brings a natural sweetness to the mocha making it a solid choice for those who prefer a sweeter cup of coffee. You can also replace the chocolate syrup with a square or two of dark chocolate or milk chocolate.



Mocha is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sweet coffee.

Add chocolate syrup of your choice, an espresso shot, and steamed milk, your Mocha is ready to be devoured.

Without explicitly adding sugar, this is the sweetest coffee you can get your hands on.

While there are coffee types that are sweet based on the coffee beans, a mocha is sweet regardless of the coffee bean used. 

Here’s are some variants to spice things up.

White chocolate mocha

Replace your chocolate with white chocolate and you get the white chocolate mocha. The taste is a bit different, and you might find it refreshing when consumed once in a while.

Skinny Mocha

Skinny Mocha is a version of the mocha where you replace steamed milk with steamed non-fat milk and chocolate with a non-sugary additive like cocoa powder or other skinny mocha syrups.

Starbucks has recently discontinued its skinny mocha but with the above ingredients, I’m sure you can whip a cup of skinny mocha at the comfort of your home. And yeah, avoid whipped cream cause it’s a skinny beverage.

Iced Mocha

Iced Mocha is very similar to the original mocha except it is served cold.

The preparation is straightforward. Add chocolate syrup, instead of espresso add some cold coffee, some chill milk, and mix well. Add some ice cubes on top and you have a sweet cup of iced mocha.

You can also add some whipped cream if that your thing.

Iced Skinny Mocha

Add some non-sugar chocolate syrup, cold coffee, and some chill non-fat milk. Garnish the cup with some ice cubes on top. Your Iced skinny mocha is ready.


Frappe is a nice way to have an iced coffee. 

You will need instant coffee granules, some sugar, ice cubes, and milk of your choice.

Add all the above in a blender and blend them till you get a smooth drink.

Serve it chill for the best taste and don’t let it sit out for too long.


The frappe and frappuccino are two different drinks.

Here, you will need brewed coffee.

It’s great if you can get espresso, if not any brewed coffee (a strong one) will do. Add some milk to the coffee, some ice, some sugar, and blend it in a blender till you get a smooth consistency.

Once done, you can top it off with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

Frappe vs Frappuccino is a debate of its own. Read the post to know more if you’re interested in that topic.



A latte might not be as sweet as the ones we saw above, but it helps remove the bitterness and brings the sweetness of milk to the table.

Making a Latte at home is not that challenging.

Brew a coffee of your choice. Heat milk and make a froth.

Once done, add coffee to a cup and add milk on top of milk. Then add some froth as a topping. Your Latte is ready.



The cappuccino is like the latte but a bit different. 

For a cappuccino, you are going to need a shot (or two, your choice) of espresso, some steamed milk with a lot of froth.

Once ready, add coffee to your cup and add some steamed milk with the froth on top. A good cappuccino should have espresso, steamed milk, and froth in equal parts.

You can also sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top.


A macchiato is one of the least sweet coffee drinks on this list.

To make one, you need a shot or two of espresso. Add that to a cup and top it with a dollop of steamed milk.

It will look like a shot of espresso with some froth on top. Not very sweet but you can add a sweetener to satisfy your sweet tooth.


An affogato is not a coffee by definition. It is more of a dessert than a cup of joe.

To make an affogato, you are going to need a couple of scoops of ice cream. Pick a flavor you like. Add a couple of espresso shots and your affogato is ready to serve.

The flavor of ice cream you select will affect the taste tremendously so stick with vanilla or chocolate for the best results.

Flat White

While you can’t a flat white at home, you can order yours in a coffee joint.

You can compare it with the macchiato in terms of taste as it comes with pretty much the same level of sweetness. 

Piccolo Latte

A piccolo latte is a combination of a ristretto shot and warm milk. 

Though a ristretto is a lot stronger than espresso, adding milk brings down the bitterness and you will find it sweeter than black coffee.

Con Panna

Also known as Cafe Vienna, a Con Panna is a shot of espresso that is topped with whipped cream.

If you are someone who likes the idea of espresso but can’t deal with the strong nature of the drink, then the con panna is a great way to add some life to your espresso shot.  

Even when making a cold brew, you can make a sweet cup of coffee. Just make sure to add some milk and it will kick the excess bitter out of your cup.

We hope this post gave you some excellent coffee beverages to try.

If you were taken aback by the bitterness of coffee, these drinks will help your restore your faith and will allow you to try new things in the world of coffee.

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