Best Time To Drink Coffee [All Times Discussed]

We coffee lovers can drink coffee any time of the day. But experts seem to think that drinking your cuppa joe at certain times of the day can increase the benefits many folds. This naturally raises the question.

What is the best time to drink coffee? The best time to drink coffee is in the morning and afternoon. In the morning, 1 to 3 hours after you wake up is perfect for your morning coffee. In the afternoon, you should wind up your coffee cravings by 5 pm. Coffee intake over 5 pm is not recommended as it can disrupt your sleep.

Is It Better To Drink Coffee In The Morning or Afternoon?

It is better to have your coffee in the morning as caffeine can stay in your system for about 4 to 6 hours. This way, drinking coffee will not harm your sleep patterns. But when you drink your coffee in the afternoon or later, it might affect your sleep.

On the other hand, if you are looking to stay awake or do something productive in the evening, then you can have your coffee in the afternoon. But make sure that it doesn’t become a habit to interrupt your sleeping pattern.

When Should You Not Drink Coffee?

You should not drink coffee for 6 hours (or less) before going to bed. If you plan to hit the sack by 10 pm, you should not drink any coffee after 4 pm. If you are suffering from sleep-related issues, then you can stop drinking your coffee even earlier.

Experts also recommend that you shouldn’t drink your coffee as soon as you wake up in the morning. When you wake up, your cortisol levels are quite high, and drinking coffee will only increase leading to anxiety and even rapid heart rate.

Though this will not be the case with everyone, some might have serious repercussions.

So you will be better off when you take your coffee 1 to 3 hours after you wake up.

How Long After Waking Up Should You Drink Coffee?

You should wait 1 to 3 hours after you wake up before drinking your first cup of coffee. Drinking coffee as soon as you wake up can interfere with your cortisol production. As a result, you can develop a tolerance to caffeine making it ineffective over time.

When you drink coffee first thing in the morning, you will also be playing with your circadian rhythm and that can bring down the overall effectiveness of caffeine in your cup. It is more important to pay attention to the cortisol level in your body.

Can We Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach?

It is fine to drink coffee on an empty stomach. If you have after-effects like heartburn or vomiting, then you can avoid black coffee and add some milk to the mix. You should also avoid drinking acidic coffee on an empty stomach as it can produce more stomach acids than usual.

A lot of issues that people raise are with coffee consumption in the morning and it is not related to caffeine intake on an empty stomach. So if you must have a cup of coffee as soon as you wake, you will be fine unless you are sensitive to caffeine.

Is It Okay To Have Coffee In The Afternoon?

Best time to drink coffee in the afternoon

Drinking coffee in the early afternoon is perfectly fine. You can drink all the coffee you want between 12 pm and 3 pm. Any coffee after that can affect your sleep so it is not recommended to have coffee after 3 pm. If you go to bed around 11 pm, then you can have coffee until 5 pm.

If you are someone who wants to sleep at 9 pm, then no coffee after 3 pm should be a strict rule. An afternoon coffee before 2 pm will be your best bet.

Can One Cup of Coffee In The Morning Affect Sleep?

For a normal person with no sleep issues, a cup of coffee in the morning shouldn’t pose any threat to the sleeping pattern. But if you have sleeping problems at night, then it might be best to avoid anything with caffeine in it. In this case, drinking coffee might not be a good idea.

If you have no sleep problems, you can gladly chug all the coffee you want and get a caffeine boost throughout the day. The alertness that caffeine gives is unmatched when compared to other non-coffee drinks.

Best Time To Drink Coffee – Time Discussions

In this section, we will answer some questions that are to the point. When it comes to coffee, people are very specific so we feel that it is important to address them even if they get a little repetitive.

Can I Drink Coffee At Night?

Drinking coffee at night can affect your ability to sleep. So it is wise to not drink coffee at night. On the other hand, if you have to work on something and would love the alertness, then having a coffee 30 minutes before your works start will work out great for you.

Can I Drink Coffee At 5 pm?

5 pm is the latest time to have coffee. This is okay only if you go to bed by 11 pm. If you plan to sleep earlier, then you should not drink coffee around 5 pm.

Can I Drink Coffee At 7 pm?

No, you should not drink coffee at or after 7 pm. Drinking coffee this late will affect your sleep and could even cause anxiety in some people.

Can I Drink Coffee At 3 pm or 4 pm?

You can drink coffee around 3 pm or 4 pm as long as you stay awake 6 hours after taking your coffee. For example, if you drink a coffee by 4 pm, then you shouldn’t go to sleep before 10 pm.

Can I Drink Coffee At 9 pm?

No, you should not drink coffee at 9 pm as it will affect your sleep. But if you are planning to pull an all-nighter, then drinking a coffee at 9 pm will keep you going till midnight and more.

Can I Drink Coffee At Midnight?

No, you shouldn’t drink coffee at midnight unless you are working all night. If you are a night shift worker who needs to work till morning, then you can drink some coffee to keep you awake all night.

Can I Drink Coffee At 1 pm or 2 pm?

It is perfectly fine to drink coffee around 1 pm or 2 pm. For a coffee lover, this is one of the best prescribed times to drink coffee. A coffee intake at this time will give you enough time to ease into your sleeping schedule without any problems.

Best Time To Drink Coffee For Weight Loss and Workout

The best time to drink coffee for weight loss and work out is 30 to 60 minutes before you do your exercise performance. You can get the most benefits out of coffee when you follow this timing. Coffee can raise your heart rate and this can help you burn more fat when you’re working out.

Best Time To Drink Coffee To Stay Awake At Night

If you’re planning to stay awake at night, then you can drink coffee 6 hours before you want to get in bed. For example, if you want to work till 2 am in the morning and then get to bed, then your last coffee should be around 8 pm.

Closing Thoughts

As coffee enthusiasts, we love to have a cup of coffee any time of the day. But sleep disorder is a problem and we should address it without giving up on our caffeinated beverage.

If you’re a seasoned coffee lover, then you know these things by now. But if you are new to the coffeeverse, then make sure you don’t drink coffee 6 hours before your go to sleep.

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