Dark Chocolate In Coffee [Spoiler: You’ll Love It!]

Coffee and dark chocolates are two of my favorites. But that doesn’t mean I can bring them together. Or can I? Today, we’ll talk about these two individually brilliant things and see what happens when they become one. So let’s answer the most important question right now.

Can you put dark chocolate in coffee? You can add dark chocolate to your coffee. Dissolve your dark chocolate with small amounts of coffee (to hot water) before adding all of your coffee to the mix. 55%, 75% and 85% dark chocolate work great with coffee. 100% dark chocolate might be a bit too bitter for coffee and you might need some sugar. It is not recommended for the same reason.

Is Dark Chocolate In Coffee Good?

Are coffee and chocolate a good combination?

Adding dark chocolate to your coffee adds a little sweetness to your cup of joe. It is not overly sweet but makes your coffee a tad more enjoyable in terms of sweetness. Do make sure that you aren’t adding 90% or 100% dark chocolate to your coffee as it can make it bitter.

I’m all for things that can make your coffee better as long as it is not sugar. Sugar does make your coffee sweet but it also brings a lot of problems with it.

Here’s how to sweeten your coffee naturally without sugar.

Dark chocolate is different from sugar as it comes with almost zero sugar and very low amounts of fat. It eliminates all the health issues you might get with sugar.

Also, dark chocolate is bloody delicious, so you want that in your coffee. Trust me.

Can You Dissolve Dark Chocolate In Coffee?

Dark chocolate will dissolve in coffee but it will take some time.

To make the process easier, you can add some dark chocolate to your cup and then add very little coffee to it. Mix them both well and make sure the chocolate has dissolved.

Once your dark chocolate is dissolved completely, you can add the rest of your coffee.

If you can’t dissolve your dark chocolate, you can add some more coffee, preferably hotter, and whisk them together until the chocolate melts fully.

Is Dark Chocolate In Coffee Good For You?

Both coffee and dark chocolate bring a lot of health benefits to the table.

Together, they work even better.

By adding some dark chocolate to your coffee, you are introducing some fiber to your coffee. This dietary fiber makes your coffee more balanced.

Dark chocolate is also rich in minerals like zinc, selenium, potassium, and phosphorous.

If you think the caffeine in your coffee isn’t doing you any good, then here are some more. Cocoa (or cacao) comes with a lot of caffeine and this means you can increase the caffeine content in your coffee without adding more coffee to the mix.

We know that coffee comes with antioxidants. You can now boost that with dark chocolates as they come with a ton of powerful antioxidants as well. Together, the drink can fight free radicals more effectively for better health.

With the help of dark chocolate, you can also reduce your blood pressure. It can also improve your blood circulation and also enhance the overall health of your cardiovascular system.

Some people might replace the dark chocolate with cocoa powder, but we do feel that adding the original chocolate bar gives the best flavor.

Coffee And Dark Chocolate for Weight Loss

You might have also heard that the combination of coffee and dark chocolate can aid weight loss.

Well, it does point you in the right direction at least.

Dark chocolate can make you feel full and can suppress your appetite. This is because of the dietary fiber content in it.

It also improves your body’s insulin sensitivity which can lead to increased hunger.

If you’re a stress eater, then dark chocolate can come in handy. Having some dark choco can help to improve your mood. This way. you can prevent overeating in the name of stress and reduce weight in the process.

Coffee With Dark Chocolate Recipe

So how do you make a coffee with dark chocolate in it?

Here’s the recipe.

First, you need to make your freshly brewed coffee. You can use any coffee bean to make this coffee. We prefer a dark roast as it will go well with any kind of dark chocolate.

You can use a coffee maker or put your french press to work. Make sure your coffee (16oz) is ready.

Next, you need to dissolve your dark chocolate.

Add 4oz of dark chocolate into a bowl. Now add some hot coffee on top of it and whisk it until you dissolve all the dark chocolate.

This can take some time so be patient.

Once you dark chocolate is completely dissolved, add all your coffee and mix well.

Your coffee with dark chocolate is now ready!

You can also add some extras like whipping cream, chocolate syrup, almond and walnuts bits, and so on.

If you’re calorie conscious, then make sure to avoid whipping cream, heavy cream, and other dairy-based taste enhancers as they will add a lot of calories to your coffee.

Can You Use Milk Chocolate Instead Of Dark Chocolate?


You can add milk chocolate to your coffee instead of dark chocolate. Dissolving your milk chocolate in your coffee will take somewhat longer as it comes with more fat content when compared to its darker counterpart. The taste of the final coffee is also a lot sweeter in comparison.

The coffee flavor will be slightly sweet but you can avoid all the bitterness you get with dark chocolate. You can also add a bit of sea salt to elevate your taste.

Dark Chocolate In Coffee: Closing Thoughts

Dark chocolate is a dream ingredient to your cup of coffee. The natural flavor of coffee is enhanced by the slightly bitter taste that dark chocolate brings.

If you’re on the fence, then I think you should dive in. Dark chocolate is an excellent addition to your cuppa joe, but just make sure to not go crazy by adding some 100% dark coffee.

If you have any queries, do let us know and we’ll get back to you asap. Till then, happy caffeinating!

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