Mastrena Espresso Machine Review – A Coffee Lover’s Dream!

True coffee connoisseurs are always looking for new tools to create those heavenly homebrew cups of coffee. From coffee scales to grinders to milk steamers, there’s not much they haven’t seen. So it is quite likely they know of the infamous Starbucks Mastrena Espresso Machine. 

The Mastrena Espresso maker is a dream for several coffee lovers and near impossible to obtain. With this review, we give you insight into the nitty-gritty of this ‘unicorn’ of a machine, if you will. 

Mastrena Espresso Machine – The Good Stuff

The Mastrena Espresso maker is an object of pride for those who own it. For those who don’t, it is a treasure they covet. 

Think about it; Starbucks, the world’s most-recognized coffee chain, relies on these machines. So why wouldn’t homebrewers? The machine deserves its fame, though, and here’s why.

The Mastrena is a commercial coffee machine, so the engineers design it, keeping both operator and user-friendliness in mind. It uses an automatic system with a computerized menu, leaving no space for human mistakes. The machine monitors the grinding of the coffee bean and calculates a setting to produce the same coffee quality every time.

The machine menu offers a set of ten dosing buttons that you may program to your preference. With these, you can allot shot volumes, custom grind times, and pull times! Not to mention, the computerized system allows you to line up drink orders.

The Mastrena Espresso model includes a high-capacity coffee bean hopper and a built-in grinder. So expect every cup out of this machine to taste exquisite and fresh! Besides, these features save a lot of time and space. 

The UFO-shaped bean hopper of this machine is likely its most impressive feature. The hopper has enough capacity to hold tons of beans, which is particularly handy for commercial coffee shops out there. Not to mention, it has a bean-to-cup system thanks to its built-in grinder. 

With this machine, your local barista can serve up cup after cup without worrying about delays due to refills. Add to this the unique element that is the machine’s auto-seam frothing wands. These offer the benefit of shutting off themselves as soon as the milk reaches adequate temperature!

The Mastrena Espresso Machine even informs you about cleaning cycles and maintenance needs. Simply put, it is the entire package in one!

Mastrena Espresso Machine – The Not-So-Good Stuff

Every feature that makes the Mastrena Espresso model the perfect companion for coffee shops is a con in a home setting. However, we will get into that a bit later. Before that, let us consider the shortcomings the machine has in terms of design, features, and other aspects.

Well, to get straight to the point, from a commercial standpoint, there are barely any. A slight disadvantage of this Mastrena model is that it needs a dedicated electrical circuit. When you consider how massive the equipment is, this will hardly come as a surprise. 

So investing in an electrician is non-negotiable because your regular circuit breakers won’t do the trick. While you are at it, ring up a plumber since you need to connect the machine to your water supply. 

Perhaps one final point of weakness might be that the machines require a meticulous cleaning process. This a trend that applies to all coffee machines Starbucks uses or did in the past. When it comes to cleaning, you cannot make even the minutest of slip-ups. One wrong move and you may dislodge a crucial part that ends up damaging the entire system.

However, that’s about it when it comes to the failings of the Mastrena Espresso Machine. For a commercial café intending to serve a rush of customers every day, even these won’t seem too bad.

How Much Does A Mastrena Espresso Machine Cost?

The Mastrena model is not available for sale to the general public. For this reason, it is hard to put an exact price on the unit. However, estimates for it fall between the range of $17,000 and $40,000. 

Without a doubt, even the most passionate coffee lover would consider these prices to be exorbitant! Especially when you can find premium quality coffee machines in even the three-figure price bracket.

Those with their eyes set on this coffee machine, hoping for a lower price, know the chances are slim. You may be able to get a lower price on a second-hand Mastrena Espresso maker. However, even that would be far more than you would spend on the average coffee unit.

The only other option is to wait for Starbucks to upgrade to another coffee machine. Of course, no one can say if or when that will happen.

Should You Buy A Mastrena Espresso Maker?

The features and quality of the Mastrena Espresso Machines are just as undeniable as they are impressive. That said, what the average coffee lover needs is an appliance. In that context, the Mastrena is more of machinery. Simply put, this coffee machine offers features homebrewers would not even think of, much less require.

Not to mention, some of the best attributes of the Mastrena lose all their value in a home setting. For instance, consider the machine’s beneficial bean hopper. In the average home, storing that many beans mean they would lie in it for longer since consumption is less. The result is wastage after the first few uses as the beans will go stale.

Another useful feature, the cleaning and maintenance reminders, will be more of a nuisance at home. The machine may even stop working if you ignore the alerts for too long! Not to mention, the cleaning procedure itself will be beyond what the average homeowner wants to take on.

Also, the machine requires a personal circuit breaker and a connection to the water supply. So the footprint of this will be pretty large by the standards of an average household. Besides, it needs a permanent installation, which is pretty inconvenient if you choose to move.

Even if it were possible to ignore all these factors, there is one you simply can’t: the price! The five-figure price tag is just not feasible concerning the coffee requirements of the average person. So if what you want is a good cup of joe, then you best look elsewhere. 

If, however, you are hell-bent on it and have the connections to get one, go ahead!

Can You Buy A Starbucks Espresso Machine?

If you had your heart set on getting a Mastrena coffee machine, the answer is disappointing. Currently, Starbucks has a deal with Thermoplan AG, the machine manufacturer, which produce the units only for Starbucks outlets. 

The reasoning behind this is likely to keep Starbucks’ espresso-making practices secret from its competitors. However, what this means for those looking to buy one for their homes is that they can’t. The Mastrena model is not available for consumer purchasing, so you will not find it on any e-commerce site. Nor will you come across it in any local market. 

There are, of course, rumors about sites selling the Mastrena model second-hand, but there is no proof of this. The only way to purchase a new model is if you have the right associations for it. That said, if you commit to getting your hands on this beauty, know it will be a long search.

If you want to get your hands on a ‘Starbucks’ machine, you don’t have to settle on the Mastrena. You can instead invest in one of the discontinued automatic espresso machines of the brand. An automatic espresso machine would be just as useful and affordable. With this comes a two-fold benefit. 

For one, you get equipment that is a good conversation piece since it was in use by Starbucks. The other is that it won’t end up costing you a small fortune. If you still prefer to have the Mastrena, your only hope is to wait for it to go obsolete. 

Mastrena Espresso Machine Review – Wrap Up

When it comes to serving up those perfectly blended cups of coffee, nothing can beat Mastrena’s Espresso Machine. Not to mention, the equipment offers a plethora of features that add to its functionality. That said, the usefulness and worth of this machine depend on where you use it.

For commercial espresso coffee houses that tend to hordes of customers every day, this machine is ideal. However, for the average home, it may just be overkill and not worth the budget deficit. Even if you plan on opening a quaint café, you can find more suitable options than the Mastrena. So wake up and smell the coffee before you invest in this high-tech machine!

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