Ginseng In Coffee: The Definitive Guide [A To Z]

Ginseng gets a lot of praise as a miraculous root. It comes from the Panax plant which, in greek, is believed to be the remedy for everything. As a coffee lover, you might be interested in ginseng as it can add a lot of goodness to your cup of caffeine. But the most important question is…

Can you put ginseng in coffee? You can add ginseng to your coffee. Ginseng in coffee brings a horde of health benefits like improved cognitive abilities, stress relief, steady energy, better digestion, and an enhanced immune system. You can add ginseng in the form of roots, prongs, or an extract or powder. It is better to keep ginseng addition in moderation to prevent any adverse effects.

How To Make Ginseng Coffee?

Now that we know that you can ginseng to your coffee, here’s how to make it.

You can add ginseng to your coffee in a couple of ways. You can make use of the roots themselves or simply use powdered ginseng.

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Using Ginseng Roots

You can add both ginseng root and its prongs. 

Take a cup of roasted coffee beans in your coffee grinder.

Add 2gm of ginseng roots or prongs in the coffee grinder (for every cup of coffee beans).

Now, grind both the coffee beans and the ginseng roots until you get the right grind size. This will depend on your brewing method. Coarse for French press and cold brew, fine for espresso, and so on. 

Your coffee and ginseng mix is now ready. You can brew your coffee with ginseng in it just like your regular coffee.

If you can’t taste any ginseng, you can try increasing the amount of ginseng by a gram to see if it makes any difference. Likewise, if you feel that ginseng is dominating your coffee flavor, you can reduce its amount the next time you make your coffee and ginseng mix. 

Using Powdered Ginseng or Ginseng Extract

The use of powdered ginseng is a lot easier than the method above.

For this, you are going to need ground coffee grounds in the desired grind size.

For one cup of coffee grounds, add 2gm of ginseng powder. Mix it well so that ginseng doesn’t stay in one place.

Once your mix is ready, you can brew your coffee like every day.

Play with the amount of ginseng you add to find the sweet spot. Ginseng carries a bitter flavor, so if your coffee is bitter, make sure to bring the powdered ginseng amount down the next time you make your coffee ginseng mix.

Benefits of Ginseng Coffee

Ginseng has a lot of reputation when it comes to health benefits. Adding ginseng to your morning brew will only make it better when done right.

Here are some of the benefits of ginseng in coffee.

Stress Relief

Ginseng in your coffee is great for relieving stress.

It can help suppress feelings of anxiety and depression which is further lead to psychological problems.

More than anything, having a cup of coffee with some ginseng in it will uplift your mood and that alone makes this combination a must-try in our eyes.

Improved Cognition

If you are having problems with concentration and memory, then coffee with ginseng can come in handy.

You will see your cognitive abilities growing over weeks as you consume this powerful coffee. You will be able to focus better without losing your calm.

Planning to work on something that can change your life, make sure to make this combo your friend as it can help you get better work done with limited mental resources.

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Consistent Energy

One of the problems with coffee is the energy crash.

When you add some ginseng to your coffee, it can prevent the release of energy immediately and releases it slowly over time. So you will feel energized for a longer period without any crashes.

Enhanced Digestion

Ginseng is very good for improving your digestion problems.

Though there are no studies to prove this, anecdotal evidence suggests that people with digestive issues have felt better after a few doses of ginseng coffee.

Improved Heart Health

Ginseng can play a big role in improving blood circulation. It can also help in lowering your blood cholesterol.

If you are someone looking to improving your cardiovascular health, then adding ginseng to your daily coffee (in small amounts) might not be a bad idea.

Better Immune System

Ginseng in coffee can help in increasing the overall immune system in your body.

Studies show that when ginseng was included as a part of your regular intake, cancer patients showed increased immunity and recovered faster in terms of symptoms and recovering from surgeries.

Side Effects Of Ginseng In Coffee

Nothing in this world is all good and ginseng is no exception.

Keep in mind that ginseng is a stimulant just like coffee. So if you add more ginseng than required, you would be making a drink with too much caffeine and stimulating effects.

This can cause hypertension, irritation, and even heart palpitations.

You must consult your doctor before adding ginseng to your coffee if you have diabetes, blood thinners, blood pressure meds, and especially antidepressants. Getting a go-ahead from your physicians is a must as adverse effects can be very damaging.

Does Ginseng Coffee Have Caffeine?

Ginseng coffee does have caffeine. Ginseng coffee is a combination of regular coffee and a small amount of ginseng. You will get caffeine from your coffee unless you use decaf coffee. If you’re looking for a caffeine-less coffee, ginseng coffee isn’t it.

Even though Panax ginseng doesn’t have any caffeine on its own, it is a stimulant and can keep you awake at night if you take in too much.

Can Ginseng Coffee Replace Your Coffee?

Ginseng coffee can replace your regular coffee without any issues. You will be adding a small amount of Panax ginseng to your ground coffee bean so you get the kick of coffee with the added benefits of ginseng. You can also add American ginseng or even red ginseng to your coffee.

If you want to drink only ginseng coffee from now on, you can do provided you don’t have any health issues.

Ginseng in Coffee: Closing Thoughts

Adding ginseng to your coffee brings a ton of health benefits. You probably should add some sugar or chocolate to your coffee as ginseng carries a dominating bitter taste.

Once you’ve mixed these wonder roots with your Arabica or Robusta coffee beans, you can use your regular coffee machine (or brewing method) to brew your coffee.

Just like too much of anything is dangerous, taking too much ginseng is not a good idea. If you are under any specialized medications, it is better to get some advice from your doctor before adding ginseng to your coffee.

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